Vehicle Details - Tips to make vehicle more fuel efficient.

How can you make your vehicle more fuel efficient?

Vehicle's fuel-efficiency refers to the ability of a vehicle to extract energy from fuel. The more energy a vehicle can extract from fuel, the greater fuel-efficiency the vehicle. A vehicle is described as fuel-efficient if it is listed as having less than 6-liters per 100km (or less than 16.5km per liter). It means that a vehicle needs 6-liters of fuel, or less, to travel a distance of 100km. Sometime it also depends on the engine type which your vehicle is using. Diesel engines are more fuel-efficient than petrol engines. They use compression ignition, which extracts more energy than spark plugs.

Here we'll list top three vehicle parts that will make your vehicle fuel efficient.

Spark Plugs – Spark plugs ignite the air/fuel mixture in the engine combustion chambers and are critical to powering your vehicle. With a fresh set of plugs, Motorcycles can run cleaner and burn fuel more efficiently. It can be done at home with the right tools – and at a cost savings.4 Check the owner’s manual and the suggested service interval for replacing spark plugs. Most manufacturers suggest replacing plugs at 15,000 miles or more.

Air Filter – A dirty air filter can reduce fuel economy, and is more problematic on older vehicles – and with the average age of vehicles on the road today at over 11 years4 this is something two wheeler owners should pay attention to. Replacing the air filter is probably one of the easiest DIY auto repairs, taking 15 minutes or less with simple hand tools – and it can save money!

Tires – If tires are worn out, out of alignment, or under inflated, vehicle handling and fuel efficiency will suffer. Many tire manufacturers, such as Goodyear and MRF, offer tires with enhanced formulas that improve fuel mileage and extend tire life. To make sure tires are properly inflated use an air pressure gauge and check pressure every month, preferably in the morning before the vehicle is used. The recommended tire pressures can usually be found in the vehicle owner’s manual.

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