List of rto offices in Uttar Pradesh | RTO Office in India

List of rto offices in Uttar Pradesh with address and contact info

What is RTO full form and what does RTO do?

The Regional Transport Office (RTO) is a government organisation established to oversee all transport-related operations in India. The primary objective of the department is to maintain a database for all vehicles operating in the country and issue licenses for drivers. In addition, the department also engages in various other duties like tax collection, pollution check, and enforcement of road transportation rules. If you are a vehicle owner, you may have to visit the RTO for various things like registration, new license application, license renewal, etc.

RTOs are located throughout the country, and they currently function under the rules put forth by the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988. These rules are applicable throughout the country and are enforced by the RTOs of the respective states. One of the major duties of an RTO is to improve vehicle security and reduce vehicle-related crime. RTOs also play a major role in enforcing strict rules in the case of accidents.

Some of the most important Activities performed by RTO:
  • Issuing Learner driving license and driving license
  • Issuing Commercial driving license
  • Issuing International driving license
  • Registration of vehicles
  • Re-registration of vehicles
  • Road tax payment – private and commercial
  • Audio tax payment
  • Issuing Fitness certificate for commercial vehicles

List of RTO with Address and contact info.

Registration Authority Address City State Contact Number
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Almora Office Of The RTO, Almora Almora Uttar Pradesh 08819- ,
Regional Transport Officer, Nainital Office Of The R T O, Kathgodam, Nainital Nainital Uttar Pradesh - 222039,
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Pithoragarh Office Of The RTO, Pithoragarh Pithoragarh Uttar Pradesh 05964- ,
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Udham Singh Nagar Office Of The RTO, Udham Singh Nagar Udham Singh Nagar Uttar Pradesh - ,
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Chamoli Office Of The RTO, Chamoli Chamoli Uttar Pradesh - ,
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Pauri Office Of The RTO, Pauri Pauri Uttar Pradesh 01368- ,
Regional Transport Officer, Dehradun Office Of The R T O, Dehradun Dehradun Uttar Pradesh 0135- 2743432,
Regional Transport Officer, Tehri Office Of The R T O, Tehri Tehri Uttar Pradesh - ,
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Uttarkashi Office Of The RTO, Uttarkashi Uttarkashi Uttar Pradesh 01374- ,
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Haridwar Office Of The RTO, Haridwar Haridwar Uttar Pradesh 0133- 2425421,
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Saharanpur Office Of The RTO, Saharanpur Saharanpur Uttar Pradesh 0132- 2614788,
Regional Transport Officer, Muzaffarnagar Office Of The R T O, Muzaffarnagar Muzaffarnagar Uttar Pradesh 0131- 2433841,
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Bulandshahr Office Of The RTO, Bulandshahr Bulandshahar Uttar Pradesh 05732- 221370,
Regional Transport Officer, Ghaziabad Office Of The R T O, Ghaziabad Ghaziabad Uttar Pradesh 0575- 2703884,
Regional Transport Officer, Meerut Office Of The R T O, Meerut Meerut Uttar Pradesh 012- 2708886,
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, G.B. Nagar Office Of The RTO, Gautam Buddh Nagar Gautam Buddh Nagar Uttar Pradesh 0120- 2505556,
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Bijnor Office Of The RTO, Bijnor Bijnor Uttar Pradesh 01342- 261325,
Regional Transport Officer, Moradabad Office Of The R T O, Moradabad Moradabad Uttar Pradesh 059- 2357614,
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Rampur Office Of The RTO, Rampur Rampur Uttar Pradesh 0591- 2350300,
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Jyotiba Phule Nagar Office Of The RTO, Jyotiba Phule Nagar Jyotiba Phule Nagar Uttar Pradesh - ,
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Badaun Office Of The RTO, Budaun Badaun Uttar Pradesh 05832- 267237,
Regional Transport Officer, Bareilly Office Of The R T O, Bareilly Bareilly Uttar Pradesh 0581- 2460030,
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Pilibhit Office Of The RTO, Pilibhit Pilibhit Uttar Pradesh 0588- 255564,
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Shahjahanpur Office Of The RTO, Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur Uttar Pradesh 0584- 224989,
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Hardoi Office Of The RTO, Hardoi Hardoi Uttar Pradesh 05852- 234924,
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Kheri Office Of The RTO, Kheri Kheri Uttar Pradesh 0582- 253230,
Regional Transport Officer, Lucknow Office Of The R T O, Lucknow Lucknow Uttar Pradesh 0522- 2436445, 2433555
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Raebareli Office Of The RTO, Raebareli Raebareli Uttar Pradesh 05352- 2211525,
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Sitapur Office Of The RTO, Sitapur Sitapur Uttar Pradesh 0586- 243135,
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Unnao Office Of The RTO, Unnao Unnao Uttar Pradesh 0515- ,
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Bahraich Office Of The RTO, Bahraich Bahraich Uttar Pradesh 05252- 232521,
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Barabanki Office Of The RTO, Barabanki Barabanki Uttar Pradesh 05248- 223477,
Regional Transport Officer, Faizabad Office Of The R T O, Faizabad Faizabad Uttar Pradesh 05278- 2823044,
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Gonda Office Of The RTO, Gonda Gonda Uttar Pradesh 05262- 223768,
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer. Sultanpur Office Of The RTO, Sultanpur Sultanpur Uttar Pradesh 05362- 225299,
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Ambedkar Nagar Office Of The RTO, Ambedkar Nagar Ambedkar Nagar Uttar Pradesh 05271- 245931,
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Shrawasti Office Of The RTO, Shrawasti Shrawasti Uttar Pradesh - ,
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Balrampur Office Of The RTO, Balrampur Balrampur Uttar Pradesh 05263- ,
Regional Transport Officer, Azamgarh Office Of The R T O, Azamgarh Azamgarh Uttar Pradesh 05462- 221473, 260327
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Basti Office Of The RTO, Basti Basti Uttar Pradesh 05542- 245096,
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Deoria Office Of The RTO, Deoria Deoria Uttar Pradesh 05568- 241314,
Regional Transport Officer, Gorakhpur Office Of The R T O, Gorakhpur Gorakhpur Uttar Pradesh 0551- 2343743,
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Mau Office Of The RTO, Mau Mau Uttar Pradesh 0541- 2520132,
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Siddharth Nagar Office Of The RTO, Siddharth Nagar Siddharth Nagar Uttar Pradesh 05544- ,
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer. Maharajganj Office Of The RTO, Maharajganj Maharajganj Uttar Pradesh 0553- 223884,
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Padrauna Office Of The RTO, Padrauna Padrauna Uttar Pradesh 05564- 222964,
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Kushinagar Office Of The RTO, Kushinagar Kushinagar Uttar Pradesh 0554- 242964,
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Ballia Office Of The RTO, Ballia Ballia Uttar Pradesh 05498- 221580,
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Ghazipur Office Of The RTO, Ghazipur Ghazipur Uttar Pradesh 0548- 2220743,
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Jaunpur Office Of The RTO, Jaunpur Jaunpur Uttar Pradesh 05452- 220153,
Regional Transport Officer, Mirzapur Office Of The R T O, Mirzapur Mirzapur Uttar Pradesh 05442- 245964,
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Sonbhadra Office Of The RTO, Sonebhadra Sonbhadra Uttar Pradesh 05441- 222080,
Regional Transport Officer, Varanasi Office Of The R T O, Varanasi Varanasi Uttar Pradesh 0542- 2585314,
Regional Transport Officer, Bhadohi Office Of The R T O, Bhadohi Bhadohi Uttar Pradesh 05414- 250138,
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Chandauli Office Of The RTO, Chandauli Chandauli Uttar Pradesh 05412- ,
Regional Transport Officer, Allahabad Office Of The R T O, Allahabad Allahabad Uttar Pradesh 0532- 2233881,
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Fatehpur Office Of The RTO, Fatehpur Fatehpur Uttar Pradesh 05180- 223002,
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Pratapgarh Office Of The RTO, Pratapgarh Pratapgarh Uttar Pradesh 0534- 220510,
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Kaushambi Office Of The RTO, Kaushambi Kaushambi Uttar Pradesh 0531- 233651,
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Etawah Office Of The RTO, Etawah Etawah Uttar Pradesh 0568- 264610,
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Farrukhabad Office Of The RTO, Farrukhabad Farrukhabad Uttar Pradesh 05692- ,
Regional Transport Officer, Kanpur Rural Office Of The RTO, Kanpur Rural Kanpur Rural Uttar Pradesh 0512- 2297786,
Regional Transport Officer, Kanpur Urban Office Of The R T O, Kanpur Urban Kanpur Urban Uttar Pradesh 0512- 2241047,
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Auraiya Office Of The RTO, Draiya Auraiya Uttar Pradesh 0568- 244378,
Regional Transport Officer, Agra Office Of The R T O, Agra Agra Uttar Pradesh 0562- 2600793,
Regional Transport Officer, Aligarh Office Of The R T O, Aligarh Aligarh Uttar Pradesh 0571- 2740789,
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Etah Office Of The RTO, Etah Etah Uttar Pradesh 05742- ,
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Firozabad Office Of The RTO, Firozabad Firozabad Uttar Pradesh 05612- ,
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Mainpuri Office Of The RTO, Mainpuri Mainpuri Uttar Pradesh 0562- 234708,
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Mathura Office Of The RTO, Mathura Mathura Uttar Pradesh 0565- ,
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Mahamaya Nagar Office Of The RTO, Mahamaya Nagar Mahamaya Nagar Uttar Pradesh - ,
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Banda Office Of The RTO, Banda Banda Uttar Pradesh 05192- 227410, 285800
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Hamirpur Office Of The RTO, Hamirpur Hamirpur Uttar Pradesh 05282- ,
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Jalaun Office Of The RTO, Jalaun Jalaun Uttar Pradesh 05168- 255266,
Regional Transport Officer, Jhansi Office Of The RTO, Jhansi Jhansi Uttar Pradesh 0517- 2320549,
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Lalitpur Office Of The RTO, Lalitpur Lalitpur Uttar Pradesh 0516- 276772,
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Mahoba Office Of The RTO, Mahoba Mahoba Uttar Pradesh 0521- 255115,
Asstt. Regional Transport Officer, Sahuji Maharaj Office Of The RTO, Sahuji Maharaj Sahuji Maharaj (Karbi) Uttar Pradesh - ,

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