List of rto offices in Chhattisgarh | RTO Office in India

List of rto offices in Chhattisgarh with address and contact info

What is RTO full form and what does RTO do?

The Regional Transport Office (RTO) is a government organisation established to oversee all transport-related operations in India. The primary objective of the department is to maintain a database for all vehicles operating in the country and issue licenses for drivers. In addition, the department also engages in various other duties like tax collection, pollution check, and enforcement of road transportation rules. If you are a vehicle owner, you may have to visit the RTO for various things like registration, new license application, license renewal, etc.

RTOs are located throughout the country, and they currently function under the rules put forth by the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988. These rules are applicable throughout the country and are enforced by the RTOs of the respective states. One of the major duties of an RTO is to improve vehicle security and reduce vehicle-related crime. RTOs also play a major role in enforcing strict rules in the case of accidents.

Some of the most important Activities performed by RTO:
  • Issuing Learner driving license and driving license
  • Issuing Commercial driving license
  • Issuing International driving license
  • Registration of vehicles
  • Re-registration of vehicles
  • Road tax payment – private and commercial
  • Audio tax payment
  • Issuing Fitness certificate for commercial vehicles

List of RTO with Address and contact info.

Name of the Office Address Contact Number
RTO Raipur Rawabata, Banjari Mandir, Bhanpuri, Raipur, (C.G.) 0771-2563155
DTO Dhamtari Collectorate office Dhamtari,Dhamtari,(C.G) 07722-238006
DTO Mahasamund Collectorate office Dhamtari,Mahasamund,(C.G) 07723-224697
RTO Durg Opposite 5 Building Jail Road, Durg,(C.G) 0788-2324815
ARTO Rajnandgaon Stadium Campus,Rajnandgaon Rajnandgaon,(C.G) 07744-223659
DTO Kabirdham Chhirpani Colony, Kabirdham,(C.G) 07741-233556
RTO Bilaspur Bus stand Parisar,Bilaspur, (C.G) 07752-402080
DTO Janjgir Champa Collectorate office,Janjgir-Champa,(C.G) 07752-402080
DTO Korba Old Collectorate office,Korba,(C.G) 07759-226640
DTO Raigarh Collectorate Building,Raigarh,(C.G) 07762-225026
DTO Jashpur Old Collectorate Building,Jashpur(C.G) 07763-220916
RTO Ambikapur Bus Stand Ambikapur,(C.G) 07774-220725
DTO Baikunthpur Collectorate Road, Chindand Baikunthpur(Koriya),(C.G) 07836-296313
RTO Jagdalpur Opposite Distt. Court Jagdalpur,(C.G) 07782-222718
DTO Dantewada Collectorate Office Dantewada,(C.G) 07856-252653
DTO Kanker Collectorate Office of Kanker,(C.G) 07868-241261
DTO Balodabazar Office of DTO Balodabazar,(C.G) N/A
DTO Gariyaband Office of DTO Gariyaband,(C.G) N/A
DTO Balod Office of DTO Balod,(C.G) N/A
DTO Bemetara Office of DTO Bemetara,(C.G) N/A
DTO Sukma Office of DTO Sukma,(C.G) N/A
DTO Kondagaon Office of DTO Kondagaon,(C.G) N/A
DTO Mungeli Office of DTO Mungeli,Mungeli,(C.G) N/A
DTO Surajpur Office of DTO Surajpur,Surajpur,(C.G) N/A
DTO Balarampur Collectorate Office of Balrampur,(C.G) N/A

List of rto offices in Chhattisgarh with address and contact info