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Motor vehicle registration is the registration of a motor vehicle with a government authority, either compulsory or otherwise. The purpose of motor vehicle registration is to establish a link between a vehicle and an owner or user of the vehicle. This link might be used for taxation or crime detection purposes. While almost all motor vehicles are uniquely identified by a vehicle identification number, only registered vehicles display a vehicle registration plate and carry a vehicle registration certificate. Motor vehicle registration is different from motor vehicle licensing and roadworthiness certification.

Why you should always check your vehicle/vahan challan status?

As many of you must be aware about the new digital scanning system introduced by the privahan nigan of India (Indian RTO). You may never know when traffic police office has scanned your vehicle number plate and made a challan for your vehicle. So to keep yourselves updated regarding vehicle challan you must keep on checking vehicle challan status specially if you are from a metro cities. Because once the amount reaches the max level you will have to pay the challan else your registration certificate RC might be cancelled.
Checking vehicle/vahan challan status is also very important while you are buying second hand bike/car. You may never know how much challan is pending for a vehicle. So it is always recommended that when you go for a second hand vehicle always verify or check vehicle/vahan challan online. If not checked and there is a pending amount for a vehicle you may need to pay all the amount while changing the vehicle registration certificate.

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What is e challan and benifits of E challan

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